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Discover SecondFloor, the game-changing app that transforms the way you create floor plans. With its cutting-edge LiDAR technology and advanced artificial intelligence, SecondFloor streamlines the process, delivering accurate and detailed floor plans within minutes. Say goodbye to traditional, time-consuming methods and embrace the future of floor planning with SecondFloor.

Creating a floor plan is a breeze with SecondFloor. Using your LiDAR-equipped iPhone or iPad, simply scan the interior of a property. As you navigate the space, SecondFloor’s intelligent AI algorithms automatically detect walls, windows, doors, and other features, providing real-time feedback on your scanning progress. The result? Instantly generated floor plans with precise dimensions, room measurements, and even fixed furniture detection.

SecondFloor goes beyond scanning. The app features a full suite of editing tools, allowing you to perfect your floor plan directly within the app while still on location. Adjust walls, reposition doors, resize windows, and add custom room labels with ease, ensuring ultimate accuracy. Plus, with built-in sharing capabilities, you can send finished floor plans to clients, coworkers, or collaborators without delay.

SecondFloor is more than a convenient tool—it’s a secure solution for your floor planning needs. All data is processed directly on your device, eliminating cloud uploads and keeping your sensitive information safe. With transparent pricing and unlimited scanning capabilities, SecondFloor is the ideal choice for both professionals and enthusiasts.

Compatible with LiDAR iPhones and iPads running iOS 16 and above, SecondFloor represents the next evolution in floor plan technology. Join the floor plan revolution and experience the future of floor planning with SecondFloor today.

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